Jumps & Turns

Turns are an important element in all forms of dance from tap to ballet, Hip Hop to jazz. Many agree that turns can be one of the most challenging aspects of dance technique to pick up. We will focus on proper body alignment, balance, core strength, control and the secrets to becoming a fabulous turner! Our goal is to give individual attention with each students particular needs, therefore class space is limited

Jumps & Turns 1
Is for the student who is still mastering single and double pirouettes.
We will continue to work on pirouettes as well as chaine, pique and introducing some new. We will also be working on direction changes to improve spotting. Jumps will include jetes, tournair, straddles, firebird and more.

Jumps & Turns 2 
Is for the students who have mastered double pirouettes and are ready for triples. We will be working on a la seconds, double piques, dégagé and more. Jumps will include switch leaps, straddles, reverse and stags!


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