Show II 6:00pm

Here you will find everything you need to know for Show II.

Below are the classes that are in Show II
We are fine tuning dress rehearsal. We are hoping to have it posted next week.

Monday 5:00 Beg Lyrical                      Let It Be/Nicole
Monday 5:30 Beg Hip Hop                   Getting Jiggy/Amy
Monday 6:00 Inter Beg Lyrical            Butterfly/Nicole
Monday 6:30 Adv Beg Hip Hop           On The Floor/Amy
Monday 7:00 Inter Hip Hop                 Countdown/Nicole
Monday 7:30 Inter Teen Hip Hop       You Can’t Touch This/Amy
Monday 7:45 Beg Teen Ballet               Minute Waltz/Andrea

Tuesday 4:15 Kinder                             Right Back Where We Started From/Adrienne
Tuesday 4:15 Preschool                        All Shock Up/Trish
Tuesday 5:00 Beg III Tap                     See You Later Alligator/Adrienne
Tuesday 5:00 Tap/Jazz                         How Will I Know/Trish
Tuesday 6:00 Beg III Jazz                    You Should Be Dancing/Adrienne
Tuesday 6:00 Jr. Hip Hop                    Bounce/Pinar (Both Shows)
Tuesday 6:00 Musical Theater            TBA/Joanne
Tuesday 7:00 Pre-Team Hip Hop       Revolution/Pinar (Both Shows)
Tuesday 7:00 Sr. Jazz                            Hit The Road Jack/Adrienne (Both Shows)
Tuesday 7:00 Musical Theater             TBA/Joanne
Tuesday 7:00 Musical Theater             Senior Piece/Joanne
Tuesday 8:00 Adv Tap                           Beat It/Adrienne
Tuesday 8:00 Adv Hip Hop                  Rihanna/Pinar

Wednesday 5:00 Inter Lyrical              Can’t Help Falling in Fall/Maryann
Wednesday 5:00 Adv Jazz                    That’s Life/Adrienne
Wednesday 6:00 Inter Beg Ballet        My Heart Will Go On/Nicole
Wednesday 6:00 Adv II Inter Teen Jazz   Beyonce/Maryann
Wednesday 6:30 Beg Adv Jazz              Fool in Love/Adrienne
Wednesday 7:00 Beg IV Teen Ballet    Stairway To Heaven/Nicole
Wednesday 7:45  Jr. Jazz Company     Baby I’m a Star/Adrienne
Thursday 4:00 Pre-Team Jazz               Better When I’m Dancing/Adrienne
Thursday 5:00 Adv Beg Ballet               Waltz in E Flat/Andrea
Thursday 5:00 Hip Hop/Jazz                Higher Ground/Trish
Thursday 5:00 Inter Tap                         Singing In The Rain/Adrienne
Thursday 6:00 Beg Inter II Ballet         Anitra’s Dance/Andrea
Thursday 6:00 Beg Jazz                          Destiny’s Child/Trish
Thursday 6:00 Adv Inter Jazz               I Wanna Dance with Somebody/Adrienne
Thursday 7:00 Beg Tap                           Keep On Dancing/Trish
Thursday 7:00 Adv Inter I Ballet          Danse Macabre/Andrea
Thursday 8:00 Jr. Tap                            Bills/Adrienne (Both Shows)

Friday 6:00 Beg Lyrical                          Mr. Bojangles/Heide
Friday 7:00 Beg Hip Hop                       Lose My Breath

Saturday 12:00 Hip Hop/Tap               Hip Hop Hooray/Mackenzie
Opening Number                                     Taking it To The Streets/Adrienne (Both Shows)
Closing Number                                        Thriller/Adrienne (Both Shows)
Alycia Solo                                                 Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That

Click Here for Show 2 Dress Rehearsal

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