Eliza Sutnick

Eliza Sutnick


Eliza is a certified instructor in Corebar ® this is a HITT cardio class which combines coordinated moves with balance, stamina and core conditioning all whilst using a weighted bar.

She has developed her passion for fitness through this technique and believes strongly in the power of a heart healthy workout. Her infectious energy overflows into her daily mantra “Stay Present” and we are hoping you all get a chance to try this class out.

Why Corebar®? – Because it is a head to toe class that hits every aspect of a cardio workout. Plus you’ll work your balance, posture, hand-eye coordination, heart rate and stamina. In this full hour Eliza will take you through various rotations with a resistance bar.

In a fun and easy environment you’ll smile and laugh your way through with an up beat sound track. Finally Eliza finishes class with a unique floor set including sit ups, planks and a full yoga revitalizing stretch – give your body the chance to be successful and take an hour for you.