Preschool Ages 18 months-5


Preschool Dance Program:
Ages 18 months – 5

Our preschool program is all about having fun while learning. We use a creative approach to share the joy of dance with your little ones. We develop your child’s creativity through music and movement. Through the art of dance our preschoolers will also acquire listening skills, motor skills, sharing skills all through having fun and self expression.

Our 2019-2020 Dance Season Begins on Monday, September 16th. 
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Dance with Me

Ages 16 months -2

An introduction to dance and music with mommy, daddy or caregiver is the perfect bonding time! We create a playful and fun atmosphere for our young dancers to express themselves with their parents, letting them fall in love with the art of movement!

Creative Movement

Ages 18 months – 2

New Creative Movement classes at JOBA!   Students will enjoy moving to music, dancing with colorful props, dancing to stories and poems as they create their own dances and more!

Tiny Tots


Ages 2-3

Watch your little Tiny Tot enjoy an unique dance and movement class. They can sing along while having fun, developing musicality, self -confidence and enjoy dancing with their new friends.


Ages 3-6

This inspiring and exciting class is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of Ballet & Tap. Boys and girls learn the basics of movement and rhythm as well as social skills. Age appropriate material is presented to help children develop gross motor skills, self-expression and self-confidence. Basic ballet & Tap terminology will be introduced as dancers embark on a special dance adventure weekly.

Class Times:

3:15-4:00 Ages 3 & 4
3:45-4:30 Ages 4 & 5 
9:00-9:45 Ages 3 & 4
9:15-10:00 Ages 3 & 4


Ages 3 & 4

Designed for dancers who want to tumble and dance! Introduces ballet and acro basics. . Dancers will also learn new tumbling skills on a mat in a safe, structured environment.

Class times:

Saturday 9:30-10:15