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Tuition & Discounts

  • The school year will consist of (37) thirty-seven weekly class sessions from Sept. 20, 2021 – June 11, 2022.
  • We offer 3 payment plans. Year paid in full, 3 installment and monthly. Tuition is based on a 37 weekly sessions.
  • Monthly tuition will be made on the last day of the previous of the month deducted from your credit card or banking account. May 23rd will be the last payment. Remember monthly tuition is based on a 37 week session. It it NOT based on the total amount of classes given in a month.
  • 3 installment plan, half is due at registration and the last two payments are due November 1st and December 1st to receive discount.
  • Year paid in full is payable upon registration to receive discount.
  • Discounts apply when registering before September 30th. Monthly tuition rates will then be applied to students registering after September’s registration dates
  • You are not paying for scheduled school vacations and holidays.
  • We allow 4 cancelation days for any reason before classes need to be made up.

Registration Fee

There is a one time only $30 per student/$60 per family non-refundable registration fee

Monthly Tuition

ACH Payments

45 min/Hourly Class

45/1 hour class $61.00 per month
2 hour classes $120.00 per month
3 hour classes $178.00 per month
4 classes $235.00 per month

75 min/Hourly Class

75/90 minute class $72.00 per month
2 classes $142.00 per month
3 classes $211.00 per month
4 classes $279.00 per month

Tuition Discounts

Multiple Classes and Sibling Discount: Students taking more than one class per week will pay full tuition for the 1st class and receive a discount off the additional classes.
Tuition paid in full or 3 installment Tuition paid in full or 3 installment will receive a discount